I Need a Divorce Lawyer and Have No Money

If you need a divorce lawyer and have no money on you, in this guide we have discussed plenty of possible options for you. Divorce is a very serious issue as there are a lot of strict legal bindings. The reality of the divorce is unfavorable because the married life is totally cut through the divorce. As this is a very legal process, you can hire a divorce lawyer who can settle the issue. Hiring a divorce lawyer is very expensive but you may not have enough money for hiring the lawyer. There are many ways for completing the divorce process free of cost. For a low-income family, you can get a free divorce lawyer through a lot of ways. There are city bar associations, volunteer lawyers, and legal aid society which can help you to settle such critical issues in your life. There are many ways by which you can get the best ways for proceeding with the divorce case with no money. You will get to know the usual rate of the lawyer.

divorce lawyer no money

How To Get a Divorce Lawyer With No Money?

You may require the divorce lawyer but you do not have money. There are many ways for reaching a lawyer who does not have money. Even there are simple ways for getting a divorce lawyer without money. 

Obtain free divorce forms

There are free divorce forms available. Such forms are available at the local court or nearest family court. With these forms, you can get help from a low-income lawyer. Some free lawyers can help you and low-income people can get help after applying with such forums. The court clerk is the person who helps in maintaining such types of forms. The more ideas are provided by the clerk to you for the free divorce lawyer.

Divorce Free Waiver

A waiver is provided to those people who do not have money to spend on the divorce lawyer. It is available at the state level. It must be clarified by the low-income people that they have a lower income and it should be made sure at the court level. There are different formalities you must fulfill because a low-income family has a low income. The clerk will have all the information about the waiver in the court and you can discuss your financial condition freely. All the information is provided by the clerk in terms of the waiver. You can also contact them and you can approach the documents which support that you are not able to hire the divorce lawyer. 

File for the fee waiver

You can file the waiver with the clerk’s help which is the last step which can be made sure. All the information in the documents provided should be authentic and correct. If there is a discrepancy in the information, then your application will be disqualified. You can file for the waiver and your application reaches to the clerk who will make your process proceed for the court. If all the information is authentic and correct, then your application is approved by the court. All the documents must be scrutinized and the court will check everything for making sure that your financial condition is in distress. When it is proved that your financial condition is proved, you will be provided the free divorce lawyer assigned by the court. 

Provide financial proof

If you want the free divorce lawyer, you can convince the court that you are not financially capable to afford the divorce lawyer. The court asks about your financial status. What ensures your free divorce lawyer is your asset, current income, debt, and real estate asset. If the court believes that you cannot hire the lawyer at a high price then the court will provide you with the lawyer who is ready to work for you voluntarily. 


Other Free ways which can be opted for resolving the Divorce case

There are some other ways in which you can opt for proceeding the divorce case. These are useful for all those who are not capable of proceeding the divorce Case. 

Go for Meditation

A lot of times divorce can be solved with Meditation. It is a very simple and effective way of solving the critical process of divorce. In this way, you agree with the differences and without going through the hassle, you come to a real quick solution. A mediator can be hired by you and your partner for the meditation process. It is one such process of negotiation where there is no legal cost required for the divorce case.

Government help for divorce

At the state level, there are volunteer lawyers, legal aid , divorce help, state and city bar, legal help society who can help the needy people. It can be found online or your dear ones. It is better to decide with someone who has gone through the divorce case. They can suggest some channels for you which are totally free. The volunteer lawyer can be helpful than the professional lawyer who will charge you more. The former understands that you are in a critical position during the divorce process.

Pro Bono Divorce lawyers

These are the free lawyers. These lawyers work voluntarily for the case. This is available for those who are not able to afford the cost of the divorce lawyer. There is also a federal program that makes sure you are not charged for legal affairs. Even there are some women who are not able to get the lawyer at free of cost and the best option can be pro bono divorce lawyers. 

Rates of Lawyers

Those guys who have fewer earnings are not able to afford the expensive lawyer. They look for a low-income lawyer for forwarding the lawyer case. The lawyer rates vary in the different states and it also depends on the case. In some issues like child custody for the mothers and fathers, here the lawyers have to put some extra work. In the different modes, the lawyers also charge differently. 

Flat fees

If the lawyer is not charging the hourly rate, then they demand the flat rate. It is the rate that is specific and can also be negotiated between your lawyer and you. If you can spend the flat rate, then you can go for it.

Hourly rate

It is the rate that is charged against an hour. Before you begin the case, this charge can be negotiated by your lawyer. The hourly rate can also vary due to the complexity of the case. For your case, the lawyer may charge from $50 to $300.

Contingent fee

The common form of the case cost is the contingent fee. It can be the best for you as lawyers try to win your case with your heart and soul. When you win the case, a little amount is deducted from the cash amount where it was negotiated to pay the contingent amount.

The average Lawyer Retainer fee

Before proceeding for your case, the lawyer receives the amount. It is also called the retainer amount. It can also be adjusted with the hourly rate. Some lawyers go for supporting your case as they bear the cost of the papers, case, and evidence related documents. 



When you proceed with the divorce case then you need to hire the lawyers and it costs too expensive. Above are some of the ways by which you are getting your issue solved with no charge or you can say that you can get a free divorce lawyer. A lot of people who have a financial problem can use this opportunity if you cannot afford the lawyer. Well, one can also get more information about the city bar, law chamber, and court if they contact directly.

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