How Can I Get a Free Social Security Disability Lawyer

Is There Any Way For Me To Get A Disability Lawyer For Free? 

One of the best things about a Social Security disability lawyer is the fact that you have to pay them only if you win the case. 

free social secuirty disability lawyer

How much do disability lawyers charge? What are their fees?

One of the best things for somebody who needs disability lawyer to represent them is the fact that disability lawyers rarely charge any lump sum up front, and instead collect either 25% of your retroactive benefits or $6000. Social Security Administrative Department directly pays the fees of your lawyer. in case you are not awarded any settlement amount, you will be happy to know that you will not owe your lawyer anything, unless your lawyer has submitted any application to the Social Security administrative Department that allows him to claim a special fee. 

If you examine studies which look at how much disability lawyers usually charge, you will see that on average a disability lawyer’s fees amount to about 3000$ to $4000 totally, approximately, 25% of the total amount of backpay you are entitled to. 

Are there any other costs involved?

As an attorney then maybe other fees such as the cost of postage, cost of stationery, cost of gathering all the necessary documentation, cost of submitting all of these documents to the respective authorities. Usually the attorney will likely raise an invoice for all these costs, and you will have to pay them upfront. This practice is permitted by Social Security. before you hired an attorney to represent you in your case, in sure that you look into what their fees and costs are. Try to establish a written agreement if possible, clearly demarcating what you will have to pay your attorney. 

Are legal aid organizations really helpful?

Legal aid organizations are extremely helpful for those claimants who do not have the money to pay for an attorney. however it must be kept in mind that even legal aid organizations are entitled to charge money to cover costs and expenses of the case. After the change in legislation in 2005, a lot of legal aid organizations have stopped providing legal help for SSI cases. This is because the rule mandated that the Social Security Department must pay the attorney’s fees directly. therefore as the result, a lot of legal aid organizations no longer take on cases such as these. However with a bit of research you should be able to find a legal aid organization that is at least able to help you figure out how to take the case forward, and help you with any questions that you may have. 

if you’re unsure about whether or not you will get help from your legal aid organization, you could always approach the one in your vicinity and ask the representative there directly. you can also find a legal aid office suitable to you in this directory from Legal Services Corporation. in certain cases law students also provide legal help. you can contact the legal aid cell of any law University in your vicinity as well.

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