Can A Lawyer Get Points off Your License?

Can A Lawyer Get Points off Your License

Drivers should be aware of all the rules and regulations while on the road. These rules and regulations should be followed by everyone in order to maintain their safety and traffic discipline. Breaking rules on the road may lead to penalties and fines and in the worst case, your car may be seized. Due to this, you may end up getting charged for the rules violation that adds points to your license. There exist several types of violations as it may be overspeeding, collisions, using a phone while driving, not using seatbelts, missing car documents and various others. Although the violations are minor, the main concern here is the points on your license. This can be a major problem for all the drivers and these points should be removed as soon as possible.

There are various ways by which you can remove these points from your license but in cases where you have been charged without even violating the rules then should consider fighting the charges against you. For this consult with a lawyer as they can help you get points off your license and protect your rights in such cases. Lawyers can use their legal expertise and help you to get rid of the points from your license. This way is a bit costly but it is better than being convicted due to the points on your license.

Steps You Should Take To Get Points Off Your License

Getting rid of the points from your license is not an easy task for a lawyer too. This involves a really complex legal process administered by the motor vehicle department. So here are some important points that you should follow to get points off your license.

Consultation: It is better to consider a traffic lawyer in the first place as in such cases the procedures are quite complex and require professional supervision at every point. Search for an experienced and reputed lawyer in the field and continue your case with him.

Case Evaluation: From now on your lawyer will evaluate your case so you should have to provide all the necessary details and information they ask for the evaluation of the case. This includes the traffic violations, the number of points on your license, and any relevant data.

Review Rules and Regulations: It is very important to understand the specific rules and regulations related to the violation. In this, your lawyer will help you to determine the cause of the violation by reviewing specific traffic laws and regulations that help in understanding the rules regarding point removal, suspension, or reduction of penalties.

Points Reduction Eligibility: Your lawyer can also asses your driving records and type of violation in the case. This is one of the most important things to do when it comes to reducing the points from the license.

Charges Reduction: Lawyers can request to the officials for points reduction if the violation is not major. This sometimes works in the favour of the client as it may result in fewer or no points being added to their license.

Plea Bargain: It is another alternative that a lawyer can try to reduce the point from the license. Lawyers may negotiate a plea bargain that determines whether you are eligible for the defensive driving course or not.

Defensive Driving Courses: If eligibility is determined then you may have to complete the defensive driving courses or traffic school. After this, there are very high chances that it can greatly affect the points on the license and may lead to a reduction in points on your license.

Appealing Convictions: In case of unfair conviction or the case where you have been charged unfairly for the violations your lawyer can appeal for wrong convictions to have the conviction overturned or the points removed.

Monitoring: While completing the defensive driving course your lawyer will closely monitor your progress for reference in the court. Along with this, they make sure that all the court-ordered actions should be done in the proper way.

Documentation and Record Keeping: Sometimes documents and records can be considered as proofs and keeping them safe can be very crucial for the case. So lawyers maintain documentation of all legal proceedings, defensive driving course, license and actions taken on your behalf.

Final Checks: It is important to recheck the license again after the case is resolved. The lawyer ensures that whether the points are removed or deducted from the license or not. At last, your lawyer provides you with documentation or evidence of this outcome.

It is essential to note that every case has different approaches may vary according to the case and the nature of your traffic violation. At this point, it is very important to have an experienced lawyer by your side who can handle any such cases and guide you through the complex procedures and provide desired results.

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