Get Dollar A Day Car Insurance in New Jersey

Dollar a day car insurance is a very amazing insurance program which reduces the cost of the car insurance. This program is not available in all the states in the USA. You can get it in NJ(New Jersey) in the USA where the proper system of car insurance for low income individuals is available. Dollar a day car insurance refers to the payment of one dollar to cover the insurance. This amount is very affordable for drivers who can spend on insurance coverage. This insurance program is also called the SAIP program. 


This car insurance mainly specifies SAIP which means Special Auto Insurance Policy for low-income families and individuals. The department of banking insurance initiated this special program which is accessible in New Jersey. The most important objective of this program is to help low-income families pay the insurance cost. So to afford this you will have to pay one dollar per day as the cost of insurance. 

dollor a day insurance

Are you eligible for Dollar a Day car insurance?

This special insurance policy is for those who are enrolled in the Federal Medicaid with the hospitalization. For the special auto insurance, there are two lakh people who are qualified for this and it is known as a dollar a day car insurance. It is not very hard to get this policy as you just need to contact the insurance provider. Just your medical ID number should be shown. Under this program, in New Jersey, medical liability insurance is required. The cost of the legal dues can be reduced and if you face any accident, then emergency medical costs can be reduced too.  


So it is very important that you should be a member of the federal Medicaid for making sure that you are not paying for the treatment cost because of serious injury. Even you can get a cheap rate of car insurance as well.


Cost of the Insurance coverage

You’ve already recognized the cost of this insurance policy, which is a dollar a day for car insurance. You’re living in New Jersey then you’re lucky because you’re getting the cheapest car insurance policy. The overall cost of this special insurance is $365 per year. If you pay directly then you get $5 as a discount. At a time, the single number may be a bit too high. So you can pay twice as much as a $182.5 installment. It’s a clever deal to get this payment structure right now. The flat-rate fee has a lot of advantages because you wouldn’t have to hurry to the insurance office or agent for making the payment.


Available coverage

Dollar a day car insurance is restricted to getting all kinds of coverage, and you might think it isn’t worth protecting you for a big accident. Well, that’s totally incorrect, because you’ll get high at low. The major coverage of this special insurance policy is an urgent situation for medical treatment following a car accident. There is no doubt that the emergency cost of health care treatment may be high in the case of the spinal cord and brain.


However, dollar a day car insurance has 2 significant policies, such as brain injury and spinal cord injury. These injury problems are most dangerous and common for any type of head on collision or serious car accident. The cost of treating these injuries is expensive. Insurance policy amounts to $2, 50,000 for injuries, and more than $10,000 for payments in case anybody dies. This is the cost of funerals and other closing expenses. Most of the time, you have liability insurance as a prerequisite, but this insurance wasn’t included in this policy.


What is not covered in the Insurance?

Although it is a car insurance policy, there are several factors such as comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, and collision coverage and this special insurance policy are not accessible for this coverage. Besides, this cannot also be used to cover property damage. So you must be clear whether you are causing damage to the property of other persons or other driver damaged your car, there is no scope for coverage.


How can you apply for the policy?

Dollar a day car insurance is indeed one of the cheapest and most reasonably priced insurances. There are easy terms and conditions to get a dollar a day for car insurance.


Vehicle Registration: The vehicle you drive should be registered. No vehicle may be insured under this special insurance in the event of no registration. Registration should be genuine and the details of the driver should be clearly explained.

Unexpired Driving License: Driving license is the first prerequisite for this cheap insurance. The license must not expire. If you have a driving license, check out about the expiration date. You renew it if the expiry date has come to an end. This unexpired driving license must be submitted as a driver.

Medicaid Registration Number: This insurance option is applicable for those that have a valid Medicaid Registration Number. You ought to submit it as the first terms and conditions. If you don’t have a registration number, you manage it by being a member of the federal Medicaid where you’ll get a Medicaid registration number.


Why should you go for Dollar a Day car insurance?

Dollar a day car insurance has been one of the insurance programs in the state of New Jersey which allows users who can’t afford to pay for the higher rate of car insurance. This can be one of the decent deals to opt because it is necessary to save cash on the medical liability of car insurance. This program, run by the Department of Banking Insurance, assists the driver to bear medical responsibility to ensure that the medical costs incurred in the event of a car accident can be covered.

However, it is among the most affordable car insurance ever and a dollar a day for a car accident could be worth saving a large amount of money. This special insurance may be the best option for drivers who would like to bear medical responsibility. Liability insurance is certainly required to ensure that you don’t spend a dollar on treatment costs.



This insurance program can be a great deal that can save a large amount of money. It is feasible to get car insurance quotes from high-level companies with which you can make it efficiently and rapidly. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code and respond to questions to qualify for this insurance program.

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