How To Get Help With Rent for Single Moms (Rent Assistance)

It can be extremely difficult to be a single mother. A single mom not only has to take the responsibility of her children being brought up, but she is also likely to have to do so while juggling her job simultaneously. A single mother also does not have the support of her partner or spouse making her life tremendously more difficult. In this situation, a lot of single mothers find that they are unable to afford housing or rent. However, ensuring that a single mom has access to safe and proper housing is not only important for the mother herself but also important for her children. 

There are various games and housing assistance program such as ones under the HUD that offers assistance to single mothers who are unable to offer housing or rent by themselves. Apart from the schemes introduced by the government, there are also various other organizations such as Catholic churches, various charitable organizations, not for profit organizations, and the Salvation Army which provides housing and rental assistance to single mothers. 

This guide attends to help single mothers find a solution for their housing and rental problems, gives you an overview of rent assistance for single mothers to get help with rent.


Guide to Get Help With Rent For Single Moms

get help with rent single moms

Subsided housing schemes for single moms with low income

While Life can be extremely difficult if you have a low level of income, one of the ways it affects low income families the worst is by affecting their chances to secure safe and affordable housing. Housing is something that nobody can live without. You need to have safe accommodation in order to be secure. 


There are various programs run by the actually which offer housing assistance and rental assistance to those mothers who are single and with low levels of income. For instance, under certain schemes the HUD actually might even pay 30% of the rental cost that the single mother might have to pay. Furthermore, under certain schemes landlords are incentivised to build housing under the HUD mandate, which are then available to vulnerable groups in the society such as single mothers with low levels of income. Apart from this, at both the County level as well as the state level, there are various local public housing agencies which run schemes which allow vulnerable groups such a single mothers to find assistance for housing and for rent. 

If you are a single mother who is looking to enroll in such a scheme, it is important to first check whether or not you are eligible to apply for the scheme in the first place. Furthermore, there may be certain requirements that are put in place by the HUD which you may have to comply with. It is also important to submit information correctly in the application form, and to ensure that all the documents that you have provided are up to date and authentic. 


Section 8 schemes

Known As a housing choice voucher, the Section 8 programs is one of the most popular programs which has been introduced by the government that provides housing assistance to those who cannot afford it. This program is not restricted to single mothers alone, but also provide assistance to other vulnerable groups such as senior citizens. This program issues a voucher by the HUD. Single mothers who wish to get rental assistance can make use of this voucher after they successfully submit an application form which will then be approved under this scheme. 

Once the individual acquires the voucher, you she is then required to hand over the set voucher to their landlord who then forwards the voucher to the HUD Department. The HUD Department then pays a portion of the rent to the landlord directly. 

For those who want to enroll under the scheme, it is important to remember that the process to get the voucher and for the application process to be complete can take a long time. If you are looking for housing options that can be available to you immediately, this may not be the most ideal choice for you. Furthermore, you will be required to reside in the residence for a period of up to 12 months. 

It is important to take note of what the eligibility criteria is for applying under this program. Make sure that your application is complying with the eligibility criteria, and that the information that you have provided is authentic and accurate. Also remember that your income level should not exceed 50% of the median income of your locality. If your income is lower than 30% of the median income of your locality, then may be entitled to get a 75% payment voucher. 


The Salvation Army

The Salvation army Is another great avenue for single mothers to approach if they require housing or rental assistance. This organization is nationwide and provides various types of support to those who are vulnerable including housing and rental assistance. The other types of support that it provides is assistance for food, shelter, and disaster relief. In times of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc., the Salvation Army also provides transitory assistance and rehabilitative assistance. 

This Organization is run with the help of donations and contributions from across the country. One of the goals of the organization is to protect those who do not have access to affordable and safe housing by providing them with emergency housing assistance. There are also some schemes run by this organization that provides a one-time payment up to about $300 within a month as rental assistance. 

For those single mothers who have been victims of domestic violence, homelessness, or any other unfortunate situation, this organization can be an ideal option to get some much needed support. 


Catholic Charities

Catholic charities Have always been known world over for the charity that they do. Providing housing and rental assistance to those who cannot afford it is one of the things that they do to help the lesser privileged. Apart from providing housing assistance and rental help, Catholic charities also undertake various other charitable ventures such as providing food, clothing, furniture, etc., to those with low levels of income. Catholic Charities recognize the struggles and difficulties that single mothers face, and provide housing and rental assistance to single mothers.

In some states across the US, various catholic charities have apartments that are available for single mothers, as well as others with lower levels of income. Some catholic charities also offer financial support to single mothers in the form of rental assistance, etc. 

If You find yourself on the brink of homelessness, and need somebody to help you out with your rent or housing, approaching a Catholic charity can be of immense benefit. 



COABODE is an organization that works in tandem with the HUD Department. It basically put single mothers together in a combined living situation. This can be of immense benefit in multiple ways. First of all, the burden of paying rent is eased up. Secondly, the cost of utilities is split with your roommates, helping you save a considerable amount of money. Thirdly, given that this housing is specifically meant for single mothers, the sense of community and belonging is extremely helpful for those single moms who are struggling alone. 


State Agencies

Apart From those programs run by the federal government, there are also various programs and schemes run by state agencies on a state level. These agencies also provide housing and rental assistance to single moms. In each county, there are public housing agency offices which you can approach if you want to find suitable housing or rental assistance if you cannot otherwise afford it. Furthermore, the authority can also help you find out whether or not you are eligible for a particular scheme, and also provide information on what schemes you can look into, and may be eligible for. 


What are the eligibility criteria for low income housing for single moms?

The eligibility criteria for rental and housing assistance will depend on which organization or agency you are approaching and which program you plan to enrol under. it is important to have sufficient information about the eligibility criteria in order to ensure that your application remains successful. Here are some of the factors which might determine whether or not you are eligible for a particular program. 


  • Your level of income and your family size is one of the determining criteria for various programs. 
  • Whether or not your level of income is low, or within the parameters set under the HUD guidelines is another factor that is usually considered. 
  • Whether or not you have required documentation such as your Social Security information is also important. 



As Is single mother it can be pretty daunting to find housing and accommodation if you are already running low on funds. You may be scared for the future of your children. However, there are various government programs and schemes that you can look into as an option if you want to find housing or rental assistance. If no program by the government works for you, you can also look into various programs run by not for profit organizations and independent charities which may be offer some options to you. 

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