How Much Does A Domestic Violence Attorney Cost?

Domestic Violence Attorney cost

If you are asking about “how much does a domestic violence lawyer cost” is a good question. Because a domestic violence lawyer can take high charges but it depends on your case that your case is of felony or misdemeanor.

Even there are many other factors that criminal law firms use to decide what cost your case will take. Although, hiring a DV defense lawyer takes cost from range $3500 to $20000.

Domestic Violence Attorney cost

There is good news that most of the law firms are ready to work out payment plans for their clients. Here you put down some amount, and the remaining amount you pay on the monthly basis.

We recommend the first step to take when if you are charged with domestic violence then you have to need to hire a lawyer immediately. Because the charges of DV (Domestic violence) is not a matter of laughing, that’s why take a free consultation from the legal lawyer.

Domestic violence lawyer’s costs fall

Some factors that decide how much do a domestic violence lawyer costs from you

There are some of the factors that decide how much your lawyer costs from you. Let us discuss:

  1. Court’s Location: That means at which court your case will be like in criminal court, civil court, divorce court, or family court.
  2. The lawyer has how years of experience.
  3. You have a prior case of DV.
  4. You have any record or not in the violence or for any crime.
  5. Your case is of misdemeanor or felony.
  6. There is any chance that the case will be taken to trial or not.
  7. The number of charges is involved-one or three cases of felony and misdemeanor.

In your case, the cost of not hiring a domestic violence lawyer to represent you

If you are not worrying about your case and don’t hire any lawyer for your case then it cost you high and it is not so good for you as well. Most of the time people don’t hire a defense lawyer because of their financial cost and try to represent themselves in the criminal court. Keep in mind that it cost you high, not to hire a lawyer for you. Because if you lose your case when you defending yourself then you will lose your:

  1. Custody of children or visitation
  2. Gun rights
  3. If you find convicted then you lose your job

If you don’t hire a defense expert and represent yourself in the court then you will many other things and also you will be subjected to pay the high fines, many weeks of mandatory DV classes, more jail time, a higher probation period, lose your professional license as well and you don’t be able for any job or housing if your case was of the felony conviction.

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