How To Get The Most Money From A Car Accident

Before we start this guide we hope you have insured your car as well as yourself against any kind of mishaps. One of the saddest parts for any individual is meeting with a car accident and getting injured. Plus, the motor vehicle also gets damaged. That is why I first asked about insurance because there are plethoras of ways in which you can get cheap car insurance for young drivers. Also, people who are having less income can get insurance cover for themselves. To this guide, I am going to tell you how to extract the maximum amount from a car accident.

Why we are telling you this is because when people meet with a car accident, they get so confused and are unable to understand what they are supposed to do, and then in the process for their claim, they tend to make mistakes which make it even more complicated. And due to all these reasons and their mistakes or errors, the insurance company people pay them less compensation. Plus, incase if they go to Court, then they should hire a good lawyer for their motor accident claims case. 

Steps to Follow to Get The Most Money From A Car Accident:

get most money from car accident

Be there as long as the police report –

Whenever you meet with a car accident, it is possible that you get injured, and also your motor vehicle gets damaged. If the injury is minor and if you can wait, then it’s recommended that you wait for the police to come and make a report. If the injury is major, then call 911 and take immediate medical assistance and in the meanwhile, the police will come and make a report. This report will comprise the complete information about the car accident. 

Apart from that when you are present at the accident spot; it shows that it’s not by your mistake that the car accident took place. Don’t leave the spot, unless you are seriously injured as this would make it difficult for the cops to make out a fair case, and also your chances of getting compensated will be less. Police officials will take your statement and you can elucidate them the whole story and they will also take the help of the eye witnesses who will give apt details. It can also happen that the officials may hold you guilty for rash and negligent driving; therefore your presence and the information from the eye witnesses are equally important. This will show the cops that you are not at fault, plus, there are chances for you to get properly compensated. 

In the meanwhile when you are waiting at the accident spot for the police officials to come, you can prepare a report of your own also on the accident which should comprise of the details like the condition of the road, whether it was badly constructed, etc. Then, you should also include climate details whether the climate was bad enough which caused the car accident, etc. And lastly, the complete details about the condition of the traffic which might have caused the accident, like the opposite party not obeying the traffic rules, etc. 


Take Photos of the Whole Scenario –

Now, whenever a car accident takes place, you are supposed to intimate your insurance company within 48 hours of the accident. If you are late, then there are chances that your claim might get rejected. Also, they can reject your claim because you have given a mere verbal speech and there is no evidence supporting your mere statement about the car accident. So, remember to always take a picture of the accident spot and the damage to the vehicle as well as your injury through a smartphone. This will help the insurance company to understand your case in a better way and there will be no chance of them rejecting your claim or paying you less compensation. 

Also, if possible take the photos of the eye witnesses and record their statement. These are the additional statements of evidence which can help your case better and make your case strong before any insurance company. 


Document the Accident –

Whenever you meet with a car accident, remember that you can also make your own report of the case mentioning the exact date and time when the accident happened. Plus, you can elucidate the entire facts of the case like when the accident happened, how it happened, who was at fault, what was your speed, etc. etc. Also, don’t forget to add the photos, which I mentioned above. Why I am telling you this is because when you will intimate the insurance company, people, they will come at the accident spot and take details from the witnesses around the spot, like for instance, if the accident occurred in front of a coffee shop, so they will go in the shop and enquire with the owner whether he was present when the car accident happened, and what they saw and whose fault it was, etc. 

Plus, when you make the report if it’s your fault don’t mention it. You simply say that the other party was negligently driving the car. It can also happen that the other party may try to saddle the entire blame on you. But this is natural, neither party accept their fault. Include in your report the mistake and faults of the other party, like for instance, it was your signal and turn to cross but the other party came in between. Also, you should gather enough evidence against the other party. 


Seek For Medical Help –

Like I said before also if you or your family or friends are injured in a car accident, you should call 911 and immediately seek medical assistance. For personal injury cases in a car accident, the insurance company most of the time pays a higher compensation. Therefore, it is important that you intimate your insurance company within 48 hours of the accident. 

And one more thing injury can be very serious. It may be possible that you get back injury, injury of the nape, spinal cord, hands, shoulders, etc. For this even if you don’t feel any pain, do not avoid it thinking that it’s gone. It is because now you don’t feel anything, but later if the injury pain occurs back then you might know how difficult it will be, and also you may have to take a costly treatment for the same. So, while taking compensation take enough compensation, that you can be treated properly. 

The next, thing that you are supposed to do is go to a very good doctor and get yourself and your injury examined properly, whether the injury is serious or not. If the injury is serious then do all the tests and physical examination which the doctor suggests. Then, next keep all the records of the test paper, medical papers, bills, costs spent, etc. carefully and submit it to the insurance company. It is because the insurance company will ask these documents and compensate you accordingly for the money which you have spent on your treatment. 

Apart from that when you are taking a treatment for your injury like some kind of therapy then you should complete the treatment, even if you get well don’t give up on the treatment as this can again result in the insurance company paying you less. Treat all the advice by the doctor seriously, even if it is a case of surgery. And also it is recommended that you carry on with your treatment even if you feel healthy. 


File Claim Timely –

The first and foremost step is to report the insurance company within 48 hours of your accident when you meet with a motor accident. Then, you have to give all the reports to the insurance company which comprises medical reports and bills, your documented reports, and the police report. After thorough and stringent scrutiny, if the insurance company people are assured that everything is accurate and genuine, and then you will get the compensation from the insurance company. 

Don’t make any delays in your report or think negative that you will get little, because the insurance company pays you the entire cost of what you have spent on treatment or repairing your vehicle. 

In seldom cases, the insurance company doesn’t pay the full amount, which infringes on the laws and conditions of the terms of the insurance policy. In this condition, you can take help from a good lawyer dealing with cases of personal injury and motor accident claims cases. 


Hire an Attorney –

The insurance company may not cover all the costs which have been bored with you for your medical treatment, in such a situation you can take assistance from an experienced attorney. You can search online and get some of the best attorneys who deal with motor accident personal injury claims etc. 

Next is that after you have chosen the best attorney, elucidate your entire case accurately and properly to the attorney, so that he can make the best case for you and so that your case is a strong position. The attorney will gather all the information and will start preparing your case. Your lawyer will do all the paperwork and submitting the documents in the Court of law. Plus, he will also ensure that you are able to extract maximum money from the insurance company in a car accident claim. 


Final Verdict –

Now, after going through this guide I am sure it might have come into your knowledge that taking any kind of wrong steps when you meet with a car accident can make your case i.e. the process for claims in a motor accident a complicated one. Just follow the steps which I have mentioned above. Most of the time insurance companies, try to find out your lacunae’s i.e. mistakes or negligence on your part. But this shouldn’t happen. You should know the knack of handling your motor accident claims case very well, then you can extract a higher amount of compensation from the insurance companies. 

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