Free Child Custody Lawyers for Mothers (Guide)

free child custody lawyers for mothers

Wondering How to Get Free child custody lawyers for mothers?

Termination of marital status is very painful to hear about any couple. This termination of marital status is divorce. Divorce becomes very painful when a couple has a child. When a couple is ready to get separated then the child has to face many critical situations in his or her life. But, the question is that with whom the child will stay either with his mother or with father because both parents want to get custody of their child. In this scenario, the court will make a decision that is best for the child in all aspects. Everyone thinks that child will lead a normal life with caring parents and become a good human. 

A mother is attached to his child emotionally as well as mentally. She is trying hard to get custody of his child. But, the court decision is not in the favor of the mother. Now, it became a major issue to think about child custody and free lawyers so that the mother can get custody of his child. 


Meaning/Definition of Child Custody

Legal term child custody is mainly used in divorce cases in the family court. The definition of child custody is given to give the child guardianship until the child becomes 18 years old. However, divorce ends the marital status of a couple. 

free child custody lawyers for mothers

Child custody is the legal right of the parents who have a child. In this case, the family court plays a major role to make effective decisions for the child. The court takes the decision that is in favor of a child because a child who is below 18 years old is sensitive to emotional and mental feelings and such feelings have a major impact on the child. The main aim of the court is to make sure that the child lives a normal life. So, the court takes the necessary steps for choosing the best guardianship. 


Need To Hire Free Child Custody Lawyer

If I think from the parents’ viewpoint, it is seen that both father and mother are struggling to get the child custody and looking to hire a lawyer. However, there are many issues why a mother is looking for a free lawyer to get child custody. There is also a chance that a free divorce lawyer will guide you to get a child’s custody. 

Any legal issue is easy to understand. It is necessary to make the right decision in every step otherwise the case may become complex in further steps. It has been seen that the relationship between two became worse after divorce and the same is with you and your ex. The chance is your ex has changed his or her state of mind and which you did not understand at the starting of the case. Your ex will hire another lawyer so that he can easily prove that you do not have any rights to live with your child. This is the case when you should hire a lawyer for representing yourself in court. It is a better decision to hire the lawyer, jurisdiction can become more effective, and the case will get a better impact.


Delaying in hiring a lawyer will have a bad impact on your children’s life. For a better and safe life for children, you can get help from different bodies in the country like 9-1-1. Now, the time has come when you must have a lawyer from your side so that you can get the right to stay with your children. This may become a critical situation for you and you may have to try to get the restraining order from the court. Do not feel being deprived because it is not good for you and your child. 


If The Court Finds Something Wrong From You

In the court, you may become a faulty person for many issues that are the reasons for a divorce between you and your ex. A case has many u-turns and you should be aware of this. The chance is that your ex may try to cease you in the courtroom for further care of the child. These faults may be drug addiction, anger, or any other which may also lead to a limit between you and your child. In such a situation, the court may suggest you have parenting classes or to join the suggestion classes to avoid alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

If you believe in simple things for having child custody, then you are wrong.  Before facing more faults in the court, you need to hire a lawyer. This lawyer will represent you in the court and will take your side in all aspects. Do not delay too much to hire a lawyer otherwise, you may lose a case from your hands and your ex in court will not stop you if you have a lawyer, especially when there are ways through which you can get free child custody lawyers for mothers. 


Here is How To Get A Free Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody cases are in running for many years and lawyers who are dealing with such cases have vast experience. So, hire an experienced lawyer for your child custody case and you will easily find one of the best free lawyers which will help you in legal ways. All these are described below. 

1. Child Custody Legal Aid

There are the parents who are having low income and not able to afford a child custody lawyer. Child custody legal aid is help for such parents. Child custody legal aid is providing legal support to low-income parents. The legal aid for child custody is available in every state so that low-income persons can take legal advice from them.  All kinds of justification is provided by the legal aid such as the complexity of the case, parents’ low income and tries to manage the case so that the dispute of child custody will be solved simply. 

2. Agency Providing Free Legal Services

You may also see for help from a child support enforcement agency. When a court decision is not in your favor and it is very painful for you. This is a ridiculous situation that the court is not with you and you are on a low income. With low income, you are not able to afford to forward disputes. In this situation, the child support agency gives you free legal advice. Such an agency will not go to court with you on your behalf. However, agency authorities will help you best to provide you fair justice. 

3. Government Agencies

You are not getting the custody of your child because the court decision is not in favor of you. Then, government agencies are here to help you without taking charges from low-income people. Such agencies will provide you a lot of information that is not known by you. If needed, low-cost legal help will also be advised to you for getting child custody. 

4. Free Legal Advice Family Law

A nonprofit state organization is available in every state for free legal advice. Such an agency is ready to solve different types of family issues like complicated divorce cases, child custody, and others. In case, you are willing to get more information about child custody cases, then seek help from family law, which provides help online, free of cost. Such organizations are much helpful for families, which are having a low income. After getting online information, you can have the option to visit the office. 


Some Vital Factors Taken Into Account For Child Custody

In a child custody case, the court gives a decision so that the child may lead a better and secure life. Still, both parents are worried to get child custody. Several major factors have to be considered while facing a child custody case. 

  • When a child is not under the age of 13 years old, and then provides a chance to him or her for the preferences of the child. 
  • Both parents must have to tell the court what they can do for a better future for their children.
  • Mentally and physically, support is important to consider because there may be harm or damage to the children when they do not get physically and mentally full support.
  • The environment should be good where children are living so that children can be adjusted there without having many problems. Children should stay in that environment by feeling good.
  • In custody, parents should leave a good impact on children so that a relationship bond will find out between children and parents. 
  • An expert recommendation should be asked because he will tell things that are best for the future of the children. In a child custody case, such recommendations are important. 

Try to find an expert attorney because he will play his role very well and deal with the case in all possible ways. All the above factors are considered special factors and the court will try to do everything so that a child has a better future. 


What If You Lose Custody, There is still hope!

There is also a chance that a parent can lose child custody. This is a very painful and dissatisfaction moment for every parent but does not be so sad. There are many ways that you can contact your child. Even, the court will also allow you to meet with your child when you want. You can meet with him on several occasions such as parent’s day, school activities, and other occasions. Even, technology is on beyond and you can make a phone call or may also connect with him by video call. All these are important ways to communicate with your child by having a time limit. 


Final Words

It is highly recommended to hire a lawyer in child custody because he will help you to give legal advice. But, not every lawyer is capable of carrying a child custody case. There are several ways available to get free lawyers for child custody for mothers who are not able to afford high charges. Such free lawyers provide their rights to parents with legal help. 

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