How To Get a Free Car From The Government (Easy Guide)

Get a Free Car From The Government Permanently: Cars are no longer a luxury in the society. Everybody needs a car in order to commute, to go to work, to drop the children in school, and for various day to day activities. However, if you are somebody with a low level of income, one of the things that you may be worried about is being able to afford a car. Cars do not come cheap, and it can be a significant burden to someone with an already low level of income to purchase a car. Usually, groups such as students, those with disabilities, veterans, and the unemployed cannot afford the purchase of a new car. 


While it is important to recognize that you may not be able to get the exact model of the new car that you want, used cars or donated cars are often available to those looking for a car for their daily activities. If you believe that you belong to one of the vulnerable groups that need assistance, or believe that you fulfil the eligibility criteria for the same, then you may be entitled to get a car with government money which you never payback.


How does getting Free Car from the government programs work?

One of the most important tenants that a Democratic government follows is ensuring that all its citizens have equal opportunities to succeed. This is the goal of the United States of America as well. given that public transport may not be accessible for everybody, and given the fact that public transport may have certain gaps and where it can reach you, having a car has become essential in today’s world. It is for this reason that there are programs that offer free cars and assistance to purchase a car by the government. 

In order to be able to get a free car from the government, one first has to visit the local social services in order to see what the eligibility criteria is, and what the various programs offering assistance are. 

If you are planning to apply for a program under which you may be eligible to get a free car from the government, it is important to remember that you will have to submit the required documentation in order to qualify for the program. You may be required to submit various documents such as your income level, the income level of your family, you driving licence, proof of residence, reasons for applying for such a program, and other documentation that each scheme will specifically require.  Ensure that the documentation and the information that you provide is accurate as well as authentic. 


Here is How to get a free car from the government

While it might seem like an impossible task at first, it is actually very easy to get a free car from the government as long as you qualify for it. It is important to do your research and diligence and find programs that suit your circumstances. American citizens are eligible to get a free car from the government based on certain criteria. Here are some pointers which may help you on your quest to find a perfect car for your day to day necessities. 


Apply directly to the government

There are various government schemes which offer free cars to vulnerable groups such a single mothers, those with disabilities, and people with low levels of income. It is the responsibility of the government to assist these groups with facilities and schemes which will improve their quality of life. Furthermore, this also helps level the playing field between poor and rich citizens of the society because the resources of the society and the opportunities that one can have access to be improved with improvement in transport. You can get either a used car or a second-hand car. However, for most people, it does not matter as to whether the car is used or not, as long as it completes the function of being able to transport the person in question successfully. 

Governmental Grants

Government grants are provided as financial assistance to the disabled, to veterans, and other vulnerable target groups such as single mothers and the disabled. The program is designed in a manner that provides free cars under the government program which the person in question will not have to pay back. There are some office eligibility criteria to be able to qualify for a free car under this program as well. To qualify for a grant under this program, you will have to be below the poverty line which has been demarcated. If your income is higher than the poverty line, it is unlikely that you will qualify for such a program. Also, ensure that you keep the relevant documentation that you might require ready. 

Charity Programs by the government

There are many charity programs that are in place in order to help those with low levels of income and other vulnerable groups. The main motive of these programs is to help those who cannot afford a car finally be able to own one. These programs are also usually run by governmental agencies, quasi-governmental agencies, and not for profit organizations. Many of these agencies and organizations usually have give-away programs where they may give away necessary resources and items such as a car to those in need. These programs exist at both the state level as well as the County level. It is important to know which of these organizations you are eligible to apply to, and when they conduct these programs. 

Get donations

Depending on your specific circumstances it may be possible for you to get donations from people who empathise with your situation and want to help out. There are many groups such as cancer survivor groups, groups for poor people, for students, and for the disabled with specifically help out and being able to provide the members with cars and other essential items. 

if you are fortunate enough to be blessed with a good economic status, or you have a car that you no longer need because you have purchased a new one, then you could consider donating to one such organization as well. Not only will it help you feel good about yourself, but you will also be making a huge impact in someone’s life, and help them get back on their feet.

Joining a government quiz

In many situations of celebration such as the Independence Day, labour day, national day, or other government Holidays, the government may hold a quiz or any other type of event such as an essay competition which often has extremely valuable prizes, such as a car. Therefore, if you looking to get a car without having to spend a single penny keep an eye out such competitions and ensure that you prepare for them adequately. A good way to find these competitions will be to look for them on the Internet. 

Be famous

Talent is valued in the United States of America irrespective which field that you are talented in. Often, extremely qualified athletes such as those who take part in the Olympic Games are awarded for their hard work and talent. The government usually provides them various perks such as grants, an opportunity at employment, and other items such as cars. 

However, you do not have to be an Olympic athlete to be able to qualify for benefits.  if you are exceptional in any field, such as in the field of science or community development, or if you have performed any feats that are absolutely amazing, then you may be rewarded for the hard work you have put in. This is even more so the case if your work is something that will benefit the society as a whole. if this is the case then it may be time for you to look into whether or not you qualify for a free car from the government. 


The eligibility criterion for Getting a Free Car from the government

If you want to qualify to be able to get a free car from the government, the first thing that you will have to check is whether or not you are eligible to do so in the first place. While some programs are opened to all, such as the quiz program, certain other schemes and programs may have specific and set eligibility criteria. 

Be over the age of 18

One of the first and most important criterion that most schemes that offer a free car have is that the person applying should be over the age of 18. Ensure that you have a copy of your birth certificate or any other type of certificate that indicates what age you are if you are planning to apply for such a scheme. 

Low levels of income

Another target group which people try to help are those with lower levels of income. these people also need to travel to various places, especially if they are trying to find new employment. However it can often be very difficult to do so without a car.  There for many of these programs and schemes are catered towards those who have low levels of income. In order to be able to apply for such a scheme you will have to demonstrate that your income levels are lower than the demarcated threshold. 

You can also look into grants provided by the government to those with low incomes to help them get a better hold of their lives. 

Free cars for veterans

Veterans are extremely important for the welfare of a nation because they are the group of people who have sacrificed their own wellbeing and possibly their lives for the welfare of their country. It is therefore no surprise the veterans are extremely respected throughout the United States of America. If you are a better and you should be happy to know that there are many schemes that provide free cars and other benefits to those who have served in the army. One of the places that you can get more information about this is the local veterans’ office. 

If you are a poor school or college student

Ensuring academic excellence is extremely important for any society because it helps our society progress. It is not fair for only certain economic backgrounds to apply for higher education. In a democratic society, both the rich and the poor should have the same opportunities in terms of education. It is for this reason that there are many schemes that offer free cars and other benefits to those students who are studying either in school or college and who come from low economic backgrounds. Similarly, if you are running an orphanage or if you House orphan children, you may also be entitled to get a free car from the government under various grants and schemes. 

People with disabilities

Having a disability is an extreme disadvantage because not only does it lead to deterioration in your quality of life, but can also make opportunities such as employment much harder for somebody with a disability. It is for this reason that the disabled are recognised one of the most vulnerable groups in the society. If you are disabled, you may be entitled to get a free car from the government under various programs. 

Single mothers

Another group which the society attends to protect are single mothers who have low levels of income. Not only is it a disadvantage for a person to bring up the kids by themselves without any external support, this often becomes even harder if the person in question is poor. Given that these kids will then grow up to be citizens of the society, it is important that they grow up with comfort and security as well. To protect the interest of single mothers and their children, the government often has various schemes which provide benefits and perks to such vulnerable target groups, including such as providing a free car.  

For a breast cancer patient

Having cancer is one of the worst things and scariest things that a person can experience. Women with breast cancer often undergo devastating procedures that not only affect their physical health but also their mental health as well. Furthermore, given that cancer is an extremely serious disease, a medical course, in order to treat the disease, may also be high leaving a lot of people destitute. Therefore to protect women who have undergone breast cancer treatment, the government has various schemes such as providing free cars to improve the quality of life. There are also other organizations such as Cardonations4cancer which help women with breast cancer get cars. 


What are some alternative methods to get a free car?

If you are unable to get a car from the aforementioned above steps, there are alternatives that you can make use of as well to get your free car. Here are some of the alternatives that you can make use of. 


Make a request either in the form of a letter or an email

One of the best ways to get a free car is to actually request for one. This is even easier if you have family members that are economically better off than you and donate cars on a regularly as a charity. By communicating the story of your life and the difficulties that you have gone through, you may be able to touch the heart of the person that you are sending the letter or the email to. Ensure that you communicate with authenticity, and communicate your life story in a manner that demonstrates the struggles that you have been through. 

It is possible that if your story strikes a chord with the receiver, and he or she is well off enough to give you a car, or has a car to spare, then the person in question may provide you with their car or donate a spare one to you to help make your life easier. In certain situations even if the person does not have a spare car or the money to buy you one, they may provide financial support partially for you to be able to buy the car that you need. 

Join relevant social media groups

Social media has really revolutionised various facets of our society, and there are many groups which cater to specific interest on social media. There are many groups such as groups for health, for finance, technology, for new mothers, sale, leasing, purchase, and other things. There may be a group specifically for donating cars as well. Even if you aren’t able to find such a group that is specifically for donating cars, you may find groups on social media where used cars are sold at lower costs. However, before getting a car from such a group, ensure that the car is in proper working condition and will not be more of a nuisance to you in case you purchase it. 

Try out online fundraising

There are many platforms online on which you can fundraise from the crowd and from the public for your plans. If you plan to purchase a car but do not have the requisite funds to do so you can always go and start a campaign on an online crowdfunding platform. Each crowdfunding platforms have their own eligibility requirements but the essentials that you will have to follow is communicate as to why you are undertaking the crowdfunding procedure, and what you plan to use the crowdfunded funds for. You can also always link your crowdfunding campaign to your loved ones and your family so that they can contribute as well. 

Local churches in your vicinity

Churches often undertake various charitable programs in order to ensure that the low-income families of their community are not affected adversely because of their economic status. If you have any churches in your community or if you are a church-going member, you can approach your church as well in order to help fund the purchase of your car. 

Furthermore, your church community may be able to grant you access to a free car, help you set up a crowdfunding campaign for it, or find those who are willing to donate their used or old cars to you. Usually, local churches maintain a list of names who require such help and inform the person when their turn appears. 

Contact local mechanical workshops

Another Avenue that you can approach which I help you get a car or local mechanical workshops. these workshops often have old and used cars that are lying in disrepair. If you have the expertise to repair a car and you have knowledge about mechanics, this may be one of the best ways for you to get a free car. It is important to remember that these cars may have certain faults, but if you can live with these faults, or if you can get them rectified at a low cost, you will benefit significantly. 


Keep the necessary documentation ready

One of the most important things to remember in respective or which platform you are approaching for a free car is the fact that most of them have certain set eligibility criteria. The way to see if you qualify for a free car under any of these schemes is to first of all check if you are eligible, and secondly provide documentation that attests to your eligibility. 

  • You will usually be required to provide proof of your income levels because most of the schemes are for those who have low levels of income. 
  • If you are a single mother, you may have to provide documentation to demonstrate that you have custody over your children and that you are in fact a single mother. 
  • If you are disabled, you will have to provide certificates that demonstrate your disability or your disabled status. 
  • Proof of residence and proof of age may also be required. 


You can additionally checkout various schemes and programs from the sites of the government. Keep the required documentation ready because if you find a scheme suitable for you, then you can apply immediately. 



Therefore it is not at all difficult to get a free car under various schemes of the government and other organizations. it is important that you do your research properly and keep the required documents ready and up to date. You can also approach your family members and loved ones in case they have old cars that they wish to donate. 

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