Homeless Need Help With Apartment (Best Ways)

What do I do if I am homeless and need help with finding an apartment if I have no other alternative options? 

Homelessness is truly an unfortunate situation because for safety one of the most important things is having a good shelter or suitable housing. There are many reasons as to why somebody may become homeless. For instance, during a lot of natural disasters which affect the property and cause damage to houses renders a lot of people unfortunately homeless. During times of economic recession, unemployment or pink slips may become the norm. In a situation such as these people need to find it extremely hard to pay for rent and may thus become homeless. Other reasons for homelessness include aspects such as domestic violence and systemic poverty. It can be extremely dangerous to stay on the roads, and therefore finding a house is an important necessity for every single person. 

homeless need help with apartment

Even if you do not have a high level of income, and have no alternative options, there are still certain programs that you could consider to find suitable or combination or housing for yourself and your family. This guide attempt to provide information on various government schemes and non-government program that offer housing and rental assistance to those who cannot otherwise afford it and have no other alternative options. 


Emergency housing assistance for homeless people

Various housing programs are available to the homeless to provide them with housing and rental assistance by the government, usually under the umbrella of the Department of Housing, or the HUD. Apart from housing assistance, there are also other programs which assist the homeless in the form of food assistance, assistance for utilities, etc. Here are some of the programs that may be of benefit to you if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. 


Transitional Housing Program

The transitional housing program as the name suggests is for those who are in transit and who do not have a safe house or a home that they can go back to. Transitional housing programs are especially popular during the times of natural disasters when homes are damaged and cannot be used, rendering a considerable population homeless. Apart from housing assistance, other types of assistance such as the payment of utility bills and service charges may also be provided under the transitional housing program. For those who find themselves on the brink of homelessness, a transitional housing program is a great option. However, it is important to remember that this program is temporary and not a permanent housing option. 


Permanent Housing Program

If somebody is chronically poor, and their median income is lower than that of the locality as per the criteria set by the HUD, din AB and title to enroll themselves in a permanent housing program. This can help protect people from homelessness and provide save and suitable housing and rental options. 


Permanent Supportive Housing Program

Permanent housing is specifically designed for those people who are vulnerable. These programs attempt to help those such as the homeless, as well as the elderly, and the disabled find a suitable and secure housing option. The program is specifically designed keeping in mind the need that these groups may have for certain special supporting facilities such as wheelchair facilities, access to medication and doctors, and other features to improve liability and convenience.  


Domestic Violence Victims Program

Those who are victims of domestic violence have an extremely difficult life. Escaping the environment where the abuse occurred by itself is difficult, but it is all the more difficult to find suitable or commendation and housing options for somebody who has just escaped abuse and who may not have sufficient funds. For such individuals, the domestic violence victim program is available that provides housing support to people who are victims of domestic violence, also one can consider taking the help of an attorney in domestic violence cases. 


Security Deposit Assistance

Some people may have found a house by themselves that they would like to live in and that fits it within their monthly rental or mortgage budget. However, most landlords that give houses out on rent charge security deposit to ensure that the house remains safe while in the custody of the tenant. A lot of people who have low incomes may not have the ability to pay the security deposit in the form of a lump sum payment because they do not have sufficient funds to do so. In such a scenario, a person who is interested in taking a house out on rent but who cannot afford a security deposit can look into security deposit assistance


Charities that help homeless people with their first month’s rent or security deposit 

Apart from various government schemes that are in place, some various other private organizations and agencies provide housing and rental assistance to those low incomes and the homeless. Such not for profit organizations and charities may also help out other vulnerable groups in the society, such as victims of domestic violence, victims of a natural disaster, the elderly, or the disabled. Here are some charitable organizations and non-governmental organizations that provide housing assistance regularly, so if you are homeless and need help with apartment then these charities can be most useful for you.


The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is known all over the world for the kind of charitable services that they undertake. One of the best things about this organization is that they do not discriminate based on your age, gender, or race. If you find yourself homeless, housing assistance from the Salvation Army is certainly an option that you must look into. Furthermore, given that they also provide food assistance in certain cases, it can help you get back on your feet if you are short on funds and have nowhere to live. 

Depending on certain circumstances, the Salvation Army also may provide financial assistance to those who are unable to pay their first-month rent, or who are unable to make a down payment on their security deposit. The Salvation Army has various programs across various states of the United States of America, and contacting your local Salvation Army office will help you gain more information about what sort of programs are available for you to enrol in. 


Catholic Charities

The charitable activities that Catholic charities undertake are not restricted to providing housing and rental assistance. They also provide various other types of charity such as assisting with food, clothing, furniture, education, etc. However, if you find yourself on the brink of homelessness, you might be relieved to know that one of the main ways in which Catholic organizations undertake charitable activities is by providing housing and rental assistance to various vulnerable groups in the society. 

Depending on the rules of each charity, some may even provide financial assistance for the first-month rent as well As for paying the security deposit. You can contact a Catholic charity in your vicinity to see what sort of help they provide if you find yourself in a situation of need.  


Some government agencies that you can look into if you need assistance with paying your security deposit

It is important to consider as to how you plan to pay your security deposit because it can be one of the factors that affect your chances of securing safe and suitable housing. Here are some of the government agencies that you could approach if you need financial assistance in paying your security deposit.


Community Action Agency

The main goal of a Community Action Agency is to ensure the welfare of the people living within the community. These agencies include public officials who are elected to their post as well as private sector representatives. The main objective of these agencies is to assist vulnerable groups in society. 

These Community Action agencies provide various types of support, including assistance with rent, utilities, food, and security deposits. The type and quantum of assistance rendered will depend on a case to case basis. 


Local Financial institutions

wild Community Action agencies are the ideal choice for somebody who is looking for assistance on paying their security deposit, there are other options such as local financial institutions that may help with the situation as well. Various financial institutions offer assistance with security deposits. Some financial institutions may offer finance in the form of loans with terms that are less stringent than ordinary commercial loans. You could approach such financial institutions for help with paying your security deposit as well.


Schemes and Programs by the Federal Government

For anybody who requires housing or rental assistance or any other type of welfare assistance, one of the most prominent agencies that come to mind is the Social Security Department of the United States of America. There are offices at both the state level and the County level that provide welfare assistance, including housing assistance to various vulnerable groups. 


If you visit USA.gov, You can gain more information about the plans in the schemes introduced by the government to provide housing and rental assistance to those who cannot otherwise afford it. Depending on the eligibility criteria which vary from program to program, you may be able to find a program or a scheme that is perfect for your situation. 


Helping a homeless relative

If you find that your loved one is soon going to become homeless, you might want to help them out in such a difficult situation. Here are some of the things that you can do to help out a homeless relative get back on their feet. 


  • If you have enough room in your house, you can temporarily take in your relative who is going to become homeless and shelter them. 
  • You can help them in enrol in a transitional housing program so that they have a safe place to stay until they find suitable and secure housing. 
  • In case your relative is finding it hard to find housing because they do not have sufficient funds due to the lack of employment, you can find a vocational training program that they can enrol in to help them gain some marketable skills. 
  • You can also help them find suitable employment if they are currently unemployed. 
  • If your relative plans to enrol in a program or scheme by the government, you can help out by researching various important criteria such as the eligibility requirements and the documentation that might be required to submit an application. 


Some frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by those who find themselves in this situation. 


What can I do if I end up homeless?

One of the most important things for a safe existence is having suitable housing that is safe and secure. Being homeless affects the safety of the individual. There are several things that you can do if you find yourself homeless. If you are currently living in a rented house, and you are unable to make rent, you could always ask your landlord for some extra time to pay your rent. If that is not possible, if you have any relatives that will be willing to take you in for a short period until you sort out your housing problems, you could always approach them and ask them if you could stay with them. 


Apart from this, there are also various government schemes that you can enrol in if you find yourself on the brink of homelessness, or find yourself homeless. If you are unable to find any suitable government programs or schemes, there are also various schemes run by non-governmental organizations and independent charities. You could also call 800-569-4278 for more information on housing options that may be available to you. 


Will the housing council help me if I am homeless?

For those who are already homeless or who are going to be homeless within the next 8 weeks, an organization that you can approach is the local housing council. By applying to the local housing council, once your application has been approved by the council, you may be entitled to housing assistance. It is important to submit correct information on your application form.  


What do I do if I need temporary accommodation?

Temporary Accommodation is much easier to get than finding permanent accommodation or permanent housing. if you need to find temporary accommodation because your housing options are affected due to reasons of a temporary nature (such as a natural disaster), the housing council can help you find temporary housing accommodation as well.


How do I help my friend who is homeless?

If Your friend or loved ones find themselves homeless, it is quite heart-breaking. There are however several ways in which you can help a friend who is homeless. You could help them research possible schemes and programs that offer housing and rental assistance, hey and you can also help them find suitable employment if they are unemployed and have low levels of income leading to their homelessness.

If you have more room in your house, or an extra room to spare, you could also consider temporarily housing your friend until they are able to find better and more suitable housing options. 


How can I get emergency accommodation?

In certain situations, on a priority basis, emergency accommodations may also be arranged depending on the situation involved. There are various programs by the government and programs by non-governmental agencies and charitable organizations that offer emergency accommodations to people who are in urgent need of safe and secure housing options. You could also approach the local housing council for emergency housing options. 



Therefore, while it might seem daunting for somebody who finds themselves on the brink of homelessness, it is not an impossible situation to remedy. Various organizations offer both housing assistance as well as rental assistance to vulnerable groups. Furthermore, some organizations also assist with the payment of security deposits. If you find yourself homeless, you can approach any one of the said organizations and check the eligibility criteria, and see if you qualify for housing assistance or financial assistance to help you pay your first-month rent or security deposit.


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